The Lamb

The Lamb

Little Lamb who made thee
Dost thou know who made thee
Gave thee life & bid thee feed.
By the stream & o'er the mead;
Gave thee clothing of delight,
Softest clothing wooly bright;
Gave thee such a tender voice,
Making all the vales rejoice!
Little Lamb who made thee
Dost thou know who made thee

Little Lamb I'll tell thee,
Little Lamb I'll tell thee!
He is called by thy name,
For he calls himself a Lamb:
He is meek & he is mild,
He became a little child:
I a child & thou a lamb,
We are called by his name.
Little Lamb God bless thee.
Little Lamb God bless thee.

May you all have a Blessed Easter.


Kerry O'Gorman said...

I've always loved this poem. There's a singer songwriter out of Iowa named Greg Brown who did a whole album of William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience. His version of putting music to this song in particular is really lovely....hope you're well. Happy Easter!

WendyLady@GoodBooks said...

So beautiful (the lambs and the poem, a favorite) - Happy Easter to you as well, Valerie.

Chloe said...

Beautiful lambs. Happy Easter to you Valerie :) x

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love this poem Valerie. Up here om The Dales there are lambs everywhere you look. One local farmer, who has a tea room and a few unusual animals, has a camel and yesterday she gave birth to a baby. There is no male around but apparently the gestation period for a camel can be up to two years.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

p.s...the painting is really lovely too!


Happy Easter to you and your family Valerie. Hugs Judy

Frances said...

Valerie, your painting compliments the poem very beautifully.

I wish you and yours a very Happy Easter! xo

Heather Victoria Held said...

Happy Easter dear Valerie. What a beautiful piece!!